What is Counselling?

Counselling can provide a safe environment in which clients can explore thoughts and feelings that were once deemed too traumatic to deal with. The therapeutic relationship can be very powerful when resolving past conflicts, and as a result present day challenges can be more clearly understood. The purpose of the therapeutic relationship is not only to relieve suffering but also enable clients to discover a deeper self understanding. This deeper sense of self can help to facilitate a more positive outlook on life.

The aim of counselling is for clients to work through their emotional difficulties with the support and encouragement of the counsellor, in a safe and confidential environment. The counsellor’s role in the therapeutic relationship is not to judge the client or tell them what to do. Instead their role is to help the client work towards finding their own solutions. This approach can help empower the client to deal with future emotional difficulties.

Suitable for:
Counselling can be beneficial for anybody hoping to come to terms with their emotional difficulties. It can help you:
Gain a fresh perspective on current circumstances.
Cope with emotional crisis, such as anxiety, stress, depression or bereavement.
Address and resolve specific problems, such as relationship issues, inner conflict, obsessive thoughts, inappropriate anger or lack of confidence.